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Niels Brandt

My name is Niels Brandt and I am a Danish software developer. I have a broad background within IT and have worked with all phases of IT development such as analysis, programming, test and support.

I have created bach-quotes.net, an extensive collection of quotations about Johann Sebastian Bach.

I have made an app for iPhone – you can find a description here. Another app is so far only running on my own device – the description is here. The app is a result of my interest in the sumo sport since May 2019 !
I also developed this app and website. Currently I am working on an app to manage tasks: “My Tasks”. Yet another sumo related app keeps me updated with those events happening in the Japanese sumo world.

Since 2008 I have uploaded a number of videos to Youtube. They are mostly concerned with choir music and often feature the music combined with the printed or hand-written score. Here is the link to my channel.

Occasionally I will upload photos to Instagram – they are shot in Odense and Kolding.

I am a former webmaster for The Fionian Chamber Choir and established their website some years ago. It is powered by WordPress and one.com. I have also established this website.

I often attend concerts – mostly classical and choral in particular.

Feel free to contact me at niels(at)nielsbrandt.dk.

Thanks for your visit !